Sunday, May 29, 2016


''120'' my fourth book


I.S.B.N: 978-9954-35-220-5

My father was a traditional baker. He used to give bread and shelter to tramps in his modest bakery. Some people think that when one’s father is poor one is doomed. I am proud of my father, who worked hard to maintain a family and left me sane and safe. I cannot but thank both my parents for the effort, the time and the money they spent on me. I am a father of two now and I do know what it means. No one would opt for poverty, not in this selfish world. Good education is the best fortune on earth to bequeath to our children. When we think money is everything, then we lose everything. Money is, indeed, the dirtiest thing on earth if not used properly. The unfair banking system is the main cause of humans’ misfortune.  Bread for all is the least of human rights. Sadly, it is far from being a reality in today’s world.

So far, I have published five books: ‘’Un Intruso Inesperado’’ 2009, a novel in Spanish, ‘’Salam’’ 2010, and ‘’Omnia’’ 2013, both are collections of stories I wrote in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. ‘’120’’ is my fourth book, a story in different languages as well. I intend to publish more books whenever I can. If you enjoy reading my books, send me your comments. I would be happy to hear from you. 

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