Tuesday, November 6, 2018


My Interviews

 When my daughter was born, I decided to publish my first book ‘An unexpected intruder’ in 2009, a novel in Spanish, my first foreign language, which I learnt by myself. As I met people from all over the world, I had the idea to write in four different languages. In 2010, I published ‘Salam’, in 2013, ‘Omnia’, in 2015, ‘120’, in 2016 ‘Nadima’ and in 2017 ‘What’s up?’ stories in Arabic, English, Spanish and French. As a writer I hope to leave a clear and sincere message before passing away. I am a simple and humble man, a slave of our times. I love peace like you all and I think one can find it in a good book. A very kind Moroccan journalist from Anadolu Agency, Hind Subai idrissi, contacted me for an interview. Thanks to her article my story shined. Between 2015 and 2016 I was invited by 2M, Aljazeera, BBC Arabic and Cap Radio for an interview. I was exhausted by over-work and pain through my whole body. It was strange. In those years ‘2014-2016’ when the neighboring car-park closed for restoration and I had to face hundreds of cars and furious drivers daily for more than 10 hours, I received calls from TV, Radio and newspapers. I used to give my books to tourists and people I know. Since then, people came to congratulate me and ask me about my books. Some even pay me well. Thanks to their help, I was able to pay 17 000 € ‘extortion’ for the damages mad drivers left behind in the two years chaos as the car-park is not insured by the boss who cares only about the revenue. The latter became crazy after I appeared on TV. He has been taking measures of repression against me since then. All I wish is that he could stop smoking to recover and pay me well!

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